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About Us

We believe that empowering older adults is necessary in the evolving digital landscape.

  • 86% of older individuals are digitally challenged.

  • Seven in ten show interest in learning through digital literacy programs, but one in two lack the facilities to do so.

  • 85% find themselves increasingly isolated due to rapidly advancing technology.  

Source: Agewell Foundation

Our Mission

Bridging the Divide.

 We organize cost-free workshops and classes with our extensive curriculum to teach older adults how to avoid scams & spamming, contact loved ones, and so much more. We recognize that technology can feel overwhelming for those who may not have grown up with these devices, which is why our programs are crafted to cater to their needs. We strive to provide a supportive and accessible learning environment with our volunteers there every step of the way.


Charles Burris, President of the Blueberry Hill HOA Board

The technology event was an incredibly insightful concept. The thoughtful planning in putting together such an organized and useful event was outstanding.
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